Combining bittersweet vocals, aching lyrics, and indelible melodies, Danielle Knibbe's songs win, and then all too often, break your heart. Blending folk, roots, and country sensibilities, there's an intimacy and familiarity to her music; her stories may not be about you, but you'll think they are. 

Be careful what you say around Danielle Knibbe (kuh-NIB-bee). She's an inveterate eavesdropper and your life story could end up in one of her songs. Her debut release, Some Curious Birds (June 2016)is full of examples of that prowess – arguments on city streets, awkward conversations over coffee, and painful goodbyes at the bus stop. Born in Ontario, raised in Alberta, and now back in Toronto, this cross-Canada rambling also makes its way onto the record with the final song "Come Back Home", which was featured on CBC's The Sunday Edition. 

Some Curious Birds is the follow up to Danielle Knibbe's 2013 EP Every Last Wish. A graduate of MacEwan University's composition and recording programs, she composed the music & lyrics for the 2012 Edmonton Fringe play "Middleton: A Folk Musical", and her songs have been performed and recorded by The Dungarees and Mary Stewart. 

Danielle Knibbe and her trio have been performing over the last four years at The Dakota Tavern, Lee's Palace, The Cameron House, and Burdock Music Hall, have toured together across the prairies, and have opened for artists Colleen Brown, Del Barber, and Meaghan Smith. She also performs and records with James Burrows, Greg McEvoy, The Marwills, Rachael Cardiello, and The Wind and The Water.

These two incredibly talented musicians are Danielle's frequent collaborators, both on-stage and in the studio. As a trio they wrote, arranged, and produced her latest album Some Curious Birds. They are also some of Danielle's favourite people in the world. 

Connor Walsh

A graduate of the MacEwan Music Diploma Program, and the University of Toronto Jazz Program, Connor Walsh is a versatile bassist and backing vocalist. He has performed with artists Tia Brazda, Coco Love Alcorn, Rachael Cardiello, Angela Turone, James Burrows, Blue Sky Miners, and many other bands across Canada. 

Bryn Besse

A graduate of the MacEwan Music Diploma Program and Humber University's Music Program, Bryn Besse is a multi-instrumentalist and talented engineer. He has toured across Canada with The Marwills, Skye Wallace, Jenie Thai, and many other acts, as a guitarist, bassist, and drummer. 


Photographer: Wendy Mulder


© Danielle Knibbe, 2016.