Let's Talk Lyrics - All of My Life

Hello! On tour this summer, I had a lot of people asking me about my lyrics - wanting to talk about where I got my ideas, wanting to know a little bit more about my thoughts, and my "process". Needless to say, all these questions made me feel like this:

Look at this smarmy face. This is the face of a woman with too much momentary confidence. 

Look at this smarmy face. This is the face of a woman with too much momentary confidence. 

SO LET'S GIVE THE PEOPLE (2 people) WHAT THEY WANT. What I'm hoping to do is write a blog entry EVERY Wednesday (there's no way this is going to happen), about song lyrics. It might be old songs of mine, or new ones, or maybe lyrics by somebody else that I LOVE. Who knows! I obviously don't. I've had about four shots of coffee and this is a pretty exciting idea for me as of this second. 

Okay. So let's get this ball rolling. My Husband (Connor and I have been married for less than 3 months, so I'm still using capital letters and a weird voice when I say/type that word) were in Calgary this weekend playing a big fancy event. We were asked to submit some songs that would be on the theme of "Entrepreneurial Business Development". This is not a topic that I usually write about. So instead I submitted a bunch of love songs. We started our mini-set with my song "All of My Life" which can be summed up by this photo:




If you've never watched THE SEMINAL CANADIAN CLASSIC of Anne of Green Gables, then you probably are woken in the middle of the night with the horrifying feeling that something is missing in your life - it's this movie. Go watch it. I own it. If you're nice I might lend it to you. But know that if you wreck it our friendship will be over. 

If you've ever been to one of my shows you know the story - I have a hard time being sincere about positive feelings (I'm very good at waxing poetic about my shitty feelings). So when I started writing this song, I kept getting stuck. I couldn't get all my feelings out without editorializing. I kept thinking to myself "What if I write this love song about my relationship and then two weeks later we break up, and then I'll never be able to play it, and it will be embarrassing and I should NEVER BE VULNERABLE EVER". (I'm a very laid back and relaxed person, obviously). So I realized that in order to finish this song I had to separate myself from it a little. So instead of writing about MY love life, I wrote about Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, and their magical love story. That was enough to get past my own insecurities and get these words on paper:

I've been in love with you all of my life I just didn't know.jpg

And this to me, is one of the hardest songs I've ever written. Mostly because it's SO simple. I had to keep stopping myself from adding a million more words, and just let it be what it was - a love song. And there's still some moments where my charming cynicism sneaking in - I can't completely eradicate that tiny voice in my head. But I remember finishing it and thinking "hey! This could almost be described as optimistic!" And this song was quoted at me twice on my wedding day, which was a very weird feeling, but also incredibly wonderful. 

Because here's the real secret: now that my Husband are married, I feel a little more secure admitting that it's kinda about him as well. Just a little bit. BUT I won't admit it too loudly because I don't want him to feel too confident. It's best to keep him on his toes. 

Anyways. Let's see how this goes. If there's some lyrics of mine you want me to talk about, let me know in the comments. 

Thank you for reading and supporting my stuff. My next show is in Toronto at The Burdock on Oct. 30, 2017, opening for the wonderful Chelsea Reed. Hope to see you there!





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